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Welcome to Lilly's Sewn Comfort

About us

I have been sewing blankets for several years and it has always been something I love to do. Why? Because I have seen what a blanket means to not only myself, but for others as well. For a child it can mean the comfort of what helps them sleep at night. It becomes so important to them that they take it everywhere. It becomes their comfort and security. Just the rubbing of a corner allows them to be calm when they have anxiety. For an adult it can be something that was given to them by a loved one. When that loved one is away, it makes them feel just a little closer to the person who gave it to them. The weight of a blanket can feel like a warm hug on a hard day. It can also be the blanket that your family decides to cuddle up with during movie night, while enjoying a warm cozy fire, or drinking a cup of coffee or tea. 

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